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Just thought I'd give a shout out as to why I decided to come over to the new brokerage in January.

Having been with Prudential California Realty since I was first licensed, I'm not one to move to a new brokerage on a whim.  There has to be some serious reasons and advantages since it is not an easy thing to move from one brokerage to another.

John Aaroe is an absolutely brilliant man.  And the more I've had the chance to get to know him personally, the more I've been able to have the privelage to call him a true friend.  I can honestly say that he gives me the feeling that someone is truly looking out for me and my best interests as a Realtor.  His track record is outstanding and anyone who knows him has nothing but the highest regard and respect for him.  And he is geniunely one of the most kind and generous people I have met.  It's kind of cool that not only is he so amazingly accomplished as a businessperson, but at the same time you can feel comfortable cracking a joke with him once in a while.  It truly is a privelage for me to hang my license under his brokerage.

The funny thing is John was the original founder of all of the Prudential offices from Pasadena to the West Valley before they were sold to Prudential.  So when I learned of his opening the new brokerage, my business partner Richard Ruggaber and I did not hesitate one second to come over to the new brokerage because we both knew instantly that it was going to be "THE place to Be" in the valley.

Our branch manager, Michael Williamson, was our manager at Prudential Studio City.  I can't really do him justice by attempting to describe how brilliant he his in just one paragraph.  Absolutely smart as a whip, and constantly has his finger on the pulse of the real estate market.  Knows his stuff cold, inside and out, and constantly driven to be at the forefront of technology for his office.  It was unfortunate that he did not have enough control to implement all of the technology and methods that he really wanted to at the Prudential Studio City office due to it being a corporate owned office.  But now that he has part ownership in the new brokerage, our office has instantly jumped to the very tip of cutting edge technology and we are moving at lightening speed!  With Michael as our manager combined with his ability to work with John on managerial issues from ground zero, it's like..............WATCH OUT!!!!

Keep your eyes and ears posted for the John Aaroe Group.  You'll definitely be hearing more and more exciting news about us in the very near future!


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